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Royal Arch Freemasonry

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Royal Arch Freemasonry is a branch of Freemasonry that has been around for centuries and is still practiced today. It is the central subject of Masonic study and offers members a unique and rewarding experience.

Royal Arch Freemasonry is comprised of four degrees, and each degree has its own set of symbols, rituals, and teachings. The degrees are designed to provide members with an understanding of the deeper aspects of Freemasonry, and to help them further their journey in self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

The first degree of Royal Arch Freemasonry is the Mark Master Mason degree. This degree focuses on the tools of the ancient stonemasons and the importance of the craft. It teaches members to strive for excellence in their work and to be faithful to their obligations.

The second degree is the Past Master degree, which focuses on the history of Freemasonry and the secrets of the craft.

The third degree is the Most Excellent Master degree, which focuses on the principles of justice and morality, and the fourth degree is the Royal Arch degree, which focuses on the spiritual aspects of Freemasonry.

The symbols are used to represent different aspects of the craft and to help members better understand the meaning of their work. The rituals are designed to be a source of guidance and inspiration for members and to help them develop their own personal relationship with the craft.

Finally, the teachings of Royal Arch Freemasonry emphasize the importance of morality, justice, and service to others. The degrees, symbols, rituals, and teachings of Royal Arch Freemasonry are essential components of the craft, and they provide members with a rich and rewarding experience.

By: National Deputy Grand High Priest Todd Smith 32° of the National Royal Arch Chapter

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Great enlightenment my Bro and National Grand Hight Priest, I look forward to the National workshop


Unknown member
Jan 30, 2023

Who wants to go against the RAM

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