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Scottish Rite Degrees

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

The Scottish Rite is a system of degrees, or levels, of initiation in Freemasonry. It is one of several branches of Freemasonry that a Master Mason may choose to join for further study and advancement. The Scottish Rite is sometimes referred to as the "Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite" or the "AASR" for short.

The Scottish Rite has 33 degrees in total, with the first three degrees being the same as those of the Blue Lodge (Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason). The next degrees, from the fourth to the thirty-third, are considered to be additional degrees of initiation.

Each degree has its own ceremony, which typically includes a lecture and a play that is designed to teach moral lessons and promote self-improvement.

The degrees are divided into four categories: the Lodge of Perfection (4°-14°), the Chapter of Rose Croix (15°-18°), the Council of Kadosh (19°-30°), and the Consistory (31°-32°).

The National Supreme Council of the 33rd degree is responsible for the management of the Rite, including the appointment of officers, the creation and oversight of local bodies, and the establishment of rituals and ceremonies. The National Supreme Council also maintains relationships with other Masonic organizations and Grand Lodges within their jurisdiction.

In general, Scottish Rite degrees tend to focus on the history, mythology, and symbolism of ancient cultures, and they use these themes to teach moral lessons and promote self-improvement. The Scottish Rite is also known for its emphasis on charity and community service, many Scottish Rite Masonic organizations sponsor local charities and community service projects.

By: Sublime Prince Todd Smith 32° of the National Consistory

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Jan 30, 2023



Jan 30, 2023

What do Scottish Rite Masons believe? A member of the Scottish Rite seeks to: Aid mankind's search for identity and destiny in God's universe. Produce wiser men in a wiser world, happier men in a happier world, and therefore better men in a better world. Promote the dignity of every person and the humanity in all activities.

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